A dietary supplement with many benefits: food algae for dogs

The super foods, that interests us too! Deficiencies and big fatigue, it may concern us! Seaweeds put humans back in shape, but we too, dogs, it makes us crazy! And seaweed is also very good for the beauty of the coat! And that is the argument that makes listen to the masters! In short, dog seaweed is not a myth and I will help you choose the one you need!

Why give food algae to dog?

The daily diet for dogs does not always contain enough of all the nutrients it needs. Croquettes, it’s good, especially if you chose the high-end, but despite this, the gaps are sometimes widened.

The effects of a deficiency are long and difficult to detect: dull hair, dog tired or not recovering well after exercise, complicated digestion, etc. And as at home, periods of fatigue or aging put the body to the test and a little help can be welcome!

Finally, and this is very important for some masters: in the exhibition competitions, the jury takes into account the health of the skin and the pigmentation of the hair, the truffle and the eye contour. More and more masters choose to prepare their dog with a healthy and natural dietary supplement based on seaweed to put the odds on their side.

What algae give to  dog?

Here are the four most interesting seaweeds to boost the health and beauty of your beloved doggie. All four contain a high concentration of plant proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


This small blue-green alga is native to the highlands of the Andes. It contains more than 70% vegetable protein and mineral salts in large quantities: iron, zinc, magnesium, etc., but also vitamins, such as vitamin B, chlorophyll, which purifies the body, amino acids and antioxidants . So Spirulina for dogs is beneficial for health.

It is recommended for:

  • fight against constipation
  • stimulate cell regeneration and fight against aging
  • strengthen the immune system
  • in case of big tiredness
  • for sporty dogs, it improves stamina and recovery abilities
  • find a beautiful dress, silky and dense


This seaweed also improves the general health of the dog by providing a complement of plant proteins and easily assimilable amino acids. Chlorophyl also has an anti-inflammatory effect. For dogs suffering from rheumatism, it is a natural way of relieving pain. It is also effective for genital and urinary lesions, in addition to appropriate medical treatment.


Ah, the blistering kelp! Well known Atlantic Beach lovers! It contains a lot of iodine. It therefore has a regulating effect on all the glands and on the thyroid in particular. It is very suitable for hypothyroidism. It is highly contraindicated for a dog suffering from hyperthyroidism. Moreover, iodine also helps control weight. Indeed, the thyroid has an influence on metabolism and cholesterol.

The kelp is also recommended to find a beautiful skin and a beautiful coat, especially in case of allergy or drought, because the amino acids it contains activate the tissue repair.

Calcium, vitamin D and lecithin are great allies in calcification, to repair a bone after a fracture.

Finally, and more surprisingly, kelp would also have an effect to keep fleas away!

Ascophyllum nodosum

This seaweed with barbarian name is recommended especially for its effects on the beauty of the coat and the skin and the pigmentation.

It should not forget his other qualities. It is a good remineralizer in case of general fatigue or convalescence and is very effective for oral hygiene, especially to fight against plaque.

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